What material do you use?

The audio is grooved into PVC disks with a diamond style cutter head.

PVC is being preferred over lacquer disks and has a overall better quality. 

PVC is more durable then lacquer disks, and can be repeatedly played without loosing any audible sound quality.


Stereo or mono?

Stereo! The audio is recorded and grooved into the vinyl in stereo with a diamond styles cutter head.


How long do i have to wait?

The products are usually send to your address within 7 days. If for any reason, you need a faster turnaround please contact me by email.


How much recording time on one side 12" ?
The maximum recording time without loosing significant sound quality is 20 minutes per side on a 12inch disk.
Basically, less recording time equals a deeper groove equals higher volume and a more deeper bass sound.

If you choose to go above 20 minutes the sound will loose allot of bass and volume (not recommended).


Shipping and costs?

Products are being shipped internationally. Depending on the amount and where you live, prices may vary.

At check out shipping costs will be automatically calculated. We use a track and trace system so you can follow your order until arrival.