15 minutes maximum per side

12 INCH Prijs
1 € 30.00
2-5 € 28.50
5-∞ € 27.50


5 minutes maximum per side

7 INCH Prijs
1 18
1-5 15
5-∞ € 12.50

Packing and shipping


Vinyls are packed into a inner sleeve and a black vinyl cover.

Worldwide shipping! Prices may vary depending on the destination.


Preparing and mastering for vinyl


Please consider the following steps to prepare your music for vinyl.

By following these suggestions you will have the best possible results:


  • Towards the center of the record the distortion and loss of treble treble will increase.
  • Applying songs with less treble towards the center of the record is advised.
  • Avoid widening effects on the bass. Keep it centered.
  • Use a de-esser for sharp sounds and voices.

Uploading your music

How it works.


Select the music you like to have on vinyl record.

Each side can record up to 15 minutes of music for a 12 inch disc and max 7 minutes for a 7 inch.


Include the track list (in PDF format) and mention  A/B sides. Upload a picture file for the label sticker.

The label will be placed on the center of the vinyl with a side and b side.

You can upload your files via our dropbox.


Upload file (dropBox) Specify the audio files in WAV, AIFF or MP3 file, in 16 bit or 24 bit with sampling rates up to and including 192 Khz. Please add a track list with A/B sides.